How to Schedule Facebook Birthday Wall Posts For your Supporters & Friends

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  • Katie Coffman

    So would my happy birthday message on the wall of a page “liker” show up as from me (the admin) or from the organization?

    • David Wells

      The message will be from the admins account. Page’s at the moment are unable to post on individual walls.

      The the via message can be rebranded to your organizations name though.

      It puts a human face on things as well and thats a good thing in social media. =)

      Does that answer your question?

  • Assaf Levy

    I like “Post Me later” better. It’s a Facebook app that write a personal felicitation message a few days, or weeks before the actual D-day and
    posts your message on your respective friend’s wall on his or her birthday at the time you have chosen for posting up the message.

  • Assaf Levy

    Click on my name to visit “Post Me Later” or go to:

  • qamardog