Fixing UX for Responsive Sites

Preface: this post isn’t against responsive design, far from it. It’s about fixing the glaring User experience issues faced on most responsive sites.
Lets face it responsive sites can be really, really, really shitty.

How many times have you been on your phoneContinue Reading…

Batch Edit Categories & Tags for specific posts in WordPress

I just imported a blog with 400+ posts from Tumblr to WordPress and needed a way to bulk tag and bulk manage the categories of the imported posts.

Everything is lumped into ‘uncategorized’ so I needed a way to select specific posts at the sameContinue Reading…

Serverside React Rendering: Isomorphic JavaScript with ReactJS + Node

This is a tutorial I wrote for rendering ReactJS on the server with NodeJSContinue Reading…

Add Search Engine Indexable Github Gists To Your WordPress Site

This snippet added to your functions.php file will enable you to embed indexable github gists into your site

Below is an example.

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To Do List Bankruptcy

What does your to-do list look like?

Mine typically grows and grows over time until the list is a mile long and the bane of my existence.

The growing number of action items become unmanageable and a hazard to my sanity.

At this pointContinue Reading…

Out of Focus

Recently I’ve been feeling more and more out of focus.

I am in the middle of 6 concurrent projects and I’m solving too many problems at once.

Focus is spread between too many things and its hard to keep sight on a singleContinue Reading…

Internet You vs. Actual You

How well does the Internet representation match your actual personalty?

I think we all play a different persona online. This is perpetuated by the proliferation of social networks and the ubiquitous nature of decent cameras in our mobile devices.

You can record events with theContinue Reading…

On Progress

Sometimes I’m not sure where I’m going.

I know I’m moving and there are tracks behind me. Perhaps this is what is important.

The hardest part of doing something is starting.

Once in motion, you start working towards a flow. Once youContinue Reading…

Learn to Code

Anyone can learn how to code.

It’s not rocket science. Watch this:

Convinced yet?

I had no background in any computer science before I started my business, I majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

I never took a single programming class in my entire lifeContinue Reading…

Create Where There is None

It would seem that a mountain of opportunity exists in industries and situations where creativity seems vacant.

Banksy created art out of normal everyday street objects.

Walt Disney created a magical wonderland out of a swamp.

Steve jobs created a user friendly music player inContinue Reading…